Data Base and real estate site

I am not a programmer and not a database expert. With Sparkle it is possible to create a site for a real estate agency in which there are several houses on display, with price, description, photographs, maps etc. and that the customer can search the site for a property through the area, price range, number of rooms, etc.? Thanks to those who can answer and sorry if the question is formulated in the wrong way

That’s not a Sparkle feature. Conceivably it could be possible to add via custom coding, but we don’t really have the ability to support or help doing that.

Not able to help you too much @maxsanna here, but you can use something like Ecwid. Ecwid integrates nicely with Sparkle and so you can use Ecwid as that database you are describing.


Thanks Duncan, I thought so, but I wanted your confirmation. Thank you very much

Thanks for the information FlamingFig but I don’t think it’s good for my case since buying real estate in Italy has complex practices …

Your best option is to incorporate a property Listing Script into your Sparkle site. One that I recommend is the PHPjabbers script. It’s not free, but it does everything you want. Additionally, it will allow you to create an optional self managed, fee paying system where property owners or real estate agents can upload their own property listings for a fee. It supports several payment gateways and the company will offer a free installation service if you are not familiar with PHP and databases. Once installed, you simply embed the listing script in any of your Sparkle pages with a piece of custom code that you grab from your administration area of the site. A one-off user licence is €36.00 and for a commercial script is good value for money.


thank you so much for the tip, I’ll try it!