Data Base and real estate site

I am not a programmer and not a database expert. With Sparkle it is possible to create a site for a real estate agency in which there are several houses on display, with price, description, photographs, maps etc. and that the customer can search the site for a property through the area, price range, number of rooms, etc.? Thanks to those who can answer and sorry if the question is formulated in the wrong way

That’s not a Sparkle feature. Conceivably it could be possible to add via custom coding, but we don’t really have the ability to support or help doing that.

Not able to help you too much @maxsanna here, but you can use something like Ecwid. Ecwid integrates nicely with Sparkle and so you can use Ecwid as that database you are describing.


Thanks Duncan, I thought so, but I wanted your confirmation. Thank you very much

Thanks for the information FlamingFig but I don’t think it’s good for my case since buying real estate in Italy has complex practices …

Your best option is to incorporate a property Listing Script into your Sparkle site. One that I recommend is the PHPjabbers script. It’s not free, but it does everything you want. Additionally, it will allow you to create an optional self managed, fee paying system where property owners or real estate agents can upload their own property listings for a fee. It supports several payment gateways and the company will offer a free installation service if you are not familiar with PHP and databases. Once installed, you simply embed the listing script in any of your Sparkle pages with a piece of custom code that you grab from your administration area of the site. A one-off user licence is €36.00 and for a commercial script is good value for money.


thank you so much for the tip, I’ll try it!

Dear francbrowne I followed your advice and bought the script, but it is actually much more complicated than I imagined. It’s not exactly like putting html into the Sparkle site, it requires skills that I don’t have. I really like Sparkle because it is intuitive and not aimed at programmers … The script, therefore, is completely useless for me. I am afraid that unfortunately I will have to subcontract the realization of the real estate site … thanks anyway for your suggestion

Sorry to hear that you are having issues getting the script up and running. Apart from installing the script on your server, there are really no additional skills required when it comes to embedding it into your Sparkle project. If it’s the installation that is causing you problems, the script publisher will install it for you free of charge. IF you’re not sure how to embed the various elements of the code into your web page, I’ll be more than happy to guide you through the process. Because this isn’t really a Sparkle issue, maybe you would like to drop me a private message so I can help you out on a one-to-one. basis. In the process, you may learn a few additional skills along the way.

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Dear Frank, you absolutely must not be sorry. No problem. It is me who unfortunately am not a programmer and I struggle to understand things outside of Sparkle. Yes, if you can give me a hand I would be grateful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even see the preview on the site, because I also intended to buy the more expensive version, the editable one. A client of mine asked me to completely redo his current Real Estate site ( I hope to succeed … I am also willing to pay you for help. I don’t understand anything about Data Base … my email is: Thanks again and see you soon.



Well, this post is a bit older, but I think it should be possible, to build this site by using the blog system…
I did a few real estate websites based on jet engine fron crocoblock, but a simple site should be possible with blogs… (Listing and property site)

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can you explain better please? do you have any examples / links to show me? Thank you so much in advance.

@maxsanna , I just read your post, it is not possible to hook a database directly to sparkle. Sparkle is a very good product for what it does, I have inputted for additional features to make it even better through @duncan . One thing I would love to see is some hooks to external data sources( i.e. your database). This cause other issues for Duncan and the team. In the meantime, I got the site working to buy me some time while I investigate the best solution. I have a similar issue with a real estate site, my database has over 700 properties in it and one major feature is to allow the user to search based on amenities etc. So I understand what you are trying to achieve. My temporary site is . I am looking into the database connection now.

May I say @dpong you have pushed Sparkle a bit to present a really great website with all that information plus you did a great on on mobile! :slight_smile:

Just a minor, check the background to your contact from on mobile - the form has slipped off.

thanks for the feedback, I will add that to my list of adjustments, I found a few other things to tweak.

Hi Maxsanna,
i had the same problem - a client wanted a website but it is real-estate and he wants to have an way to give search-options like “only for sale” / “only apartments” / “only in city XY” etc…
So I adapted the page of EASY-BROKER.COM and made a matching STARTPAGE in Sparkle…
(the Easy-Broker program is rather expensive, but includes advertising of your properties on diferent sites, so the client yet was using this but the basic version which could not be personalized)

see the example:
(this one is just in spanish, but you click on “descubre nuestras ofertas” and you get to:

greetings from Santo Domingo