Date Change Causes Blog Post To Mess Up Blog Index Page

When I duplicate a Blog post and leave the date field alone, everything looks correct on the blog index page, " see screenshot" but when I change the date" Since its the next day, etc" This is what I get see next “screenshot” any ideas or is this a bug ? Help Lol

The Documentation doesn’t seem to have any info on this subject

Documentation is incorrect/out of date, as it says something about an ‘update checkbox’ that does not exist in the popup menu. Furthermore, as of Sparkle 3.0.7, it reverts to ‘Continuous’ by itself, no matter what you select, so it’ll keep messing with your upload dates.

Grabación de pantalla 2021-02-17 a las 17.13.25

Thanks there are a few bugs in Sparkle 3.0.7 related to the blog, they should all be fixed in 3.0.8 – which has been sent to Apple earlier today, hopefully released today or tomorrow.

Awesome! Love The App! Will It will fix my specific issue ?

We just released it, you tell me :slight_smile:

yes still there, but when I changed the date in the last blog I did, it seemed to work, but then I went to change the next and same issue, unless you can provide me a step by step on how it should be done, and how I should be creating blog posts adding new posts and keeping the main menu in the blog index page and having new dates, its kind of confusing me. I am happy to email you my file so you can look at it ?

Yes please do.

the problem is solved as I put in my email to you.