Default background colour for new pages

Nearly finished my first proper sparkle site. What i’m hoping to do is to create new pages within the current site with the basics already in place, which I can of course do via "use for all pages’ checkbox. What isn’t obvious to me is if I can set a default sitewide background colour for each new page. Is this currently possible? If not what would be the best workaround for it.?

many thanks

Not really Nick.

if you have set the page background colour then duplicating that page will generate a new page with the same background colour.

You could also set the page background colour to a Main Colour in the Colour Palette. That way in the future if you decide to change the page background colour it will be done across all the pages in your project.

Maybe in a future Sparkle it could have a tick box or something next to the page background colour selector allowing the colour to be across all pages existing and future added! :slight_smile:


yes i thought as I had a background colour already set that it would do it. But maybe, as you say, I haven’t assigned it properly yet. I’ll give that a go.
thank you