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In my website I would like a unique font (e.g. “Arial”) in all my texts. Always when I add a new text element, the font dialog defaults to “EB Garamond” and this way I keep changing fonts.

How can I make “Arial” to the default font?

I have read the documentation about fonts several times in English and in German, but I have not found the answer.

Thanks for your help!

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From my understanding @sturzi, we can’t change the default font that Sparkle uses.
We would have our font styles in place and when you add a new text box you assign your font style to it.

Thanks for your answer, FlaminFig.
If that’s the case I think I have to live with it :unamused:

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Select one of the text elements you have already created and want to set as the default. In the “Style” tab, above the font selection and below the “Body” (usually), you should see a button that says “Apply Changes”. Click on it. Once you do that, every time you insert a new text field, it will have the same default settings applied.

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Hi @sturzi, Sparkle’s text boxes start out with the body style. So you can simply set up the body style as you want it, and all new text boxes will start out like that.

Setting a style is a matter of configuring the font and other typographical features as you want them, then click the “Apply” button. This does have side effects in a site that’s already using body style variations throughout the site, but proper use of styles also saves many headaches when it comes to mobile layout for example.


Hello Allan, hello duncan

Thank you very much for your instructions! I couldn’t really believe that the Sparkle designers let me apply the same font changes a hundred times for a hundred text boxes.

You saved my day!

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