Defining space between elements such as buttons

On my website I have some pages with dozens of buttons set up for links to pdfs. In the 'Arrange" panel it is easy to set the width and height of buttons so they are equal in size to each other. What I don’t see is a method to space the buttons in any set way, leaving it to just guessing by eyesight. Am I missing something? Is there a way to equally space a number of buttons from each other?

I have used some wedding album design software that gives you the option to put in values for spacing like the “Arrange” panel does for button size, but also has options to select let’s say 4 images and then click an icon that spaces those 4 images equally apart from each other.

Yes you sure can @updeinva

Been working with Sparkle for several years and never noticed those icons. That is exactly what I was after. Thank you.

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