Design and build with Sparkle

Some identity & web design from the last few years…

OX Living
Aqua Sulis
Prosper Living

Thanks to Duncan for some troubleshooting along the way!
Some of the sites were created with earlier versions of Sparkle so I need to revisit/republish … but have enjoyed the Sparkle build / workflow + still learning.
Now using Sparkle to build key template pages on larger projects to help brief Wordpress developers.



@harvest, Overall you have done really well, but I’m loving OX Living - colourful and bold! On desktop you’ll need to take a look at the footer - it goes on for miles.

I also noticed that Prosper Living doesn’t have a mobile breakpoint?
Overall it looks like you are getting a good grasp on Sparkle - good on you! :slight_smile:

Thanks - really pleased with the OX Living branding. It appears on To Let signs, coasters, pens/pads, full car wraps, mugs, metal fobs, towels… will fix the footer. Need to set up SSL certs too.
Prosper only had a limited budget - responsive is on the wish list.

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Those are brilliant, many thanks for sharing!