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Hi Sparkle Family,

How are you guys doing? I pray all is well! I would like to start by stating I’m a happy Sparkle Pro user. I paid to upgrade to version 3.1. but still have blocked features on the app. I just tried the Product Feature Comparison to compare the blocked features aka “Developer Tools” but it is excluded from it. I would like to see their comparison. But question, Why would anyone spend an extra $99 for something they could do FREE with brackets? I wish I could use all the features on the app since that was the reason I upgraded. I though I would get all the features with a Perpetual PRO License! Why if I purchase a Pro License I have to paid extra to unblock some features in the program? I’m not complaining but it makes me feel unappreciated by the business I’m supporting. On the flip side keep up the good work with the app. Development is great just not sure about the business model, just a though, thanks!


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Hi @lpbeats,

this shows a quick overview of what you get with the developer tools:

Sparkle is not a coding tool and the vast majority of Sparkle users don’t need this, on the flip side it’s super easy to shoot yourself in the foot and we don’t want to make it common practice for code-based solutions to be “the way” to do things in Sparkle.

Not under appreciation, rather the opposite, it’s a testament to how much we care about doing things visually as much sa possible, which translates to making Sparkle approachable to as many people as possible.


Thank you for the link @duncan I appreciate your clarification and your time. Keep up the good work, blessings!

Hi, recently I have also signed up for the pro yearly subscription and get everything what is promised, the developer tools are not with the pro or any version, that’s explicit noted on Sparkle’s website.
I am thinking if I shall the developer tools or not but then I think I really don’t want to hassle around with ccs script and stop and looking for error I made for hours.