Devices and popups

I have a lot of popups on my index-page in the pc-version. In the smarthphone-versions (portrait and landscape) that does not look good. Therefore I marked all the triggers in this versions to not show i the device. But when I go to layers the popups are still represented and it is not available to uncheck the Not show in this device on popups.

In the phone versions I added an extra page for a lot of the images that are on the index-page popups on the pc-page, with a link from the phone-versions index-page.

My questions are (about downloading time):

  1. Will the Popups download (invisible) on the index-page on phone-versions although the triggers are unmarked to not show.
  2. Is it possible to mark pages to not download in different devices.

That’s a good question and we probably need to check. I think internally Sparkle isn’t currently aware of the existence of triggers on a device that would open the popup, so they are always downloaded as part of the page. If this causes a performance penalty we should definitely look into it.

I’m not sure the way you express the second question makes sense. Downloading is a server-level thing, and there’s no way to know what a device is before the download happens.

But I guess you mean whether it’s possible to not include say desktop-specific information in a page (on the assumption that that page will never be accessed on a desktop), and the answer here is no, though if you were to make every element on the page hidden on desktop, you’d effectively cut down on a lot of the desktop-specific code.

Thanks Duncan.
All the images on the portfolio-page for smartphones are hidden on the desktop-device and the images on the index-page are hidden on the smartphone-devices.
I don’t know everything that happens in the background, but the site loads quickly and works according to my plan. Also on my smartphone with 4g. So I’m happy;)