Devices - layouts inconsistent?

960 Desktop version done, and as a total newbie I’m impressed with Sparkle, I have to say! Couple of probs now though with reshaping things for a Mobile (portrait) version…

Menu items (on 4 pages) seem to need same fill & transparancy even though I’d like the desktop to be transparent, and the mobile solid.

I’d like them in different places too … top and bottom of each page, but when I place one close to the footer, on the mobile, it jumps adjacent to the header on the desktop, even though both menu bars are locked, and the lower one is attached to the footer.

Any thoughts appreciated.

…and … text on the mobile, scrollable - but not on the desktop ideally, becasue there are icons relevant to the text, which don’t scroll with the text. Or can they …

@worthmytravels, Sounds like you are adding a new & unique style to the mobile navigation which will appear on all the other devices. So you need to go to all the other devices and unselect on the right-handle panel under the “Arrange” tab (with the mobile navigation selected) the “Show on this device”. So in your example you would introduce a solid block under your mobile navigation and hide the transparent block on mobile. Then you need to go to the other devices and hide the solid block which will make it unique to your mobile device. So desktop will be transparent and mobile will be solid.

By doing so you keep the added styled navigation unique to the mobile device and hidden on all other devices.

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Thanks @greenskin understood, and that does seem to work! Slightly cluttered on the working screens where there are items ‘not shown’ ie not fully hidden, albeit they are hidden from the final version which is good. I guess I’ve to do the same with the scrolling text sections; have different versions, each hidden from the other.

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You can use the format bar eye icon (hidden elements) to unclutter the screen.

Brilliant! I knew it had to be there somewhere.