Different interface on same menu

Hello. Need some help from the experts.

I am attaching 2 screen shots. I have some menu items with similar page designs under all the items items. (the designs were different previously but now I have made them uniform)
On the screen shot oils, I get additional options like “go to page…” marked with an arrow whereas the Acrylic snapshot shows that option is missing? I need that option in Acrylic.
What am I doing wrong.

@mhirji, Yes a bit weird but the only thing I can think of is check your page settings for the ACRYLICS page and match them with your OILS page and see if it is the same. The other thing… is the ACRYLICS page already been assigned “On Click” to another page?

@greenskin. Hendrik thanks again for coming to my rescue. After several tries, I re dod the page and it seems to work.


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Happy to hear that! :slight_smile: It was a bit of a strange one but putting my logical cap on seemed to give me those hints - glad to hear it worked out! :slight_smile:

Sorry the difference is a bit obscure. The on click action is available on menu items that you have added yourself by clicking the [+] button just below the item list. The one without has been auto added by the menu system, and is associated with the page it was added from.

Thank you Duncan & Hendrik. Now it makes sense. Because I added new page this time not using the Auto Add and redid the page. It worked this time.