Different Scroll Locations

The scroll locations set in devices on the “PCs , landscape tablets” do not correspond to the same locations on “Portrait smartphones”. Is it possible to add separate anchors at different levels for the smartphones and the PCs?

Hello @mhirji

Just move the scroll locations to the right place in the “portrait smartphones” layout. It will not affect the other layouts.

So you can have one set of scroll locations for all layouts. Sparkle will remember the correct position of each scroll location in each layout. No need to have separate anchors.

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@Shadowfax. Thank you for the quick response. I thought I tried it and changed the layout on the PC, perhaps I should try it again Di I need to tick any boxes etc?

Hi @Shadowfax. It worked on preview. I will now try publishing the site. Thanks again

Hi @mhirji

I hope it works.
You don’t have to tick any boxes … just move the scroll locations to the position you want in each layout.

@Shadowfax. Thank you for your help. It works!!

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