Difficulty loading site to Bluehost.com

Leaving SANDVOX after years, I am thrilled to discover and use SPARKLE!

Thank you!

I loaded my main website to Bluehost using:


But when I tried to load an addon:


when I get to server folder location and hit NEXT

I get: The selected folder is not published to http://otherwebsite

So then I click on NEW FOLDER, I get the same message.

Any suggestions, please?

Thank you.

Hi @najaago, welcome!

We have many customers on bluehost so I’m sure it can be made to work.

Sparkle is attempting to ensure the FTP folder where it publishes is what your intended web address is.

The public_html in your web address is probably incorrect, it’s not the address you tell people to go visit I assume? (not sure why it would have worked the first time)

Once you omit that, Sparkle will look for common server side folder locations, then let you navigate the FTP folders to select the correct one.

This second step can fail for a number of reasons, generally it’s because the server has some odd setup (not bluehost’s case as far as I know), or because the domain is being transferred from a different host (so the FTP filesystem doesn’t really match the web side).

Without further details it’s hard to give a suggestion, please share a screenshot of where Sparkle gets stuck (either here or via email at feedback@sparkleapp.com) and we’ll take a look.

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Fantastic will work on this, thanks!