Disable a font?

Ok, I give up. How do you de-activate a font (Sparkle 2.8.11)? I just activated a web font, now it has a green check mark in the Font Panel. I’ve tried clicking on the check mark, double-clicking, right-clicking and while holding down every possible keyboard command. Nothing works. Thxs.

@gvmelbrty, I had that issue earlier in the piece and then realised I had that font-style on my Sparkle canvas. Once I removed that font-style from my Sparkle canvas I could untick the font-style in the Font Panel. Go for a hunt and make sure that font-style is not on your canvas and then see what happens…

Thxs for the reply…

I’ve haven’'t used the “style” feature, but nonetheless, I deleted every style that I could. Still not able to deactivate certain fonts in the Font Panel. I’m trying to delete “NTR”.

What did work was saving, then closing and reopening the file. I was then able to deactivate fonts that were active, but not in use. … What seems to cause this issue is using a font somewhere, then changing to another font. Even though you are not currently using the font, just the fact that it was previously used makes it unable to deactivate.

@gvmelbrty, Glad you got it working in the end! :slight_smile:

Things like these that make no sense to your workflow is a good time to take note of and let @duncan know because it could be a glitch?..

@greenskin @gvmelbrty Yes, it is not very well implemented. I have mentioned this to @duncan in the past. Hopefully this can be addressed at some point in the future?