Disable check for updates?

Is there a way to stop Sparkle (4.5) from telling me there’s a new update to download every time I open the app?

I tried v5 and it corrupted both of my websites by changing a bunch of colors and replacing images with random ones from the project. Also when I went to undo an action it changed the entire layout of the page without any way of reverting to where it was before. There’s no way I’ll keep using this version right now.

I’ll be waiting until there’s a verified stable, bug-free release of v5 before using it any more, but in the mean time I’d really appreciate being able to disable the “updates available” pop-up

Thank you and cheers!

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I am pretty sure that the update note refers only to version 4.5.x.
You will not be updated to version 5.
What version number do you currently have?

Mr. F.

Thanks for the reply - currently have 4.5.7, was lucky to have a Time Machine backup after updating to v5

Just would like it to stop checking for updates every time I open Sparkle and pushing that pop-up

Thanks again!

It keeps trying to update me from 4.5.9 to 5.0.x as well (which I have resisted). I suppose a partial fix is to click the button marked Skip This Version.

Thanks for the reply - and yeah that’s what I’ve been doing, works for now but I don’t have any intention or desire to upgrade to v5 anytime soon because of the issues, so would love to just make the pop-up go away permanently

FWIW, I had a bunch of publishing issues with 5.0 but they are all resolved now in 5.0.3.