Display Title and/or description of an image

I like to have the title of an image being displayed unter each image of an image grid.
is that possible ?

Hi @Arno, welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

At this stage that is not possible…

Hi @all.

YES, I’d like to see the title/description as well.

Plus: 2nd click on an image, after it is in the lightbox (1st click), should close the light box view and return to the page.

Mr. F.

And I would love to have the option in turning Lightbox off in mobile mode! :slight_smile:

Hi FlaminFig.

I agree. On the other hand, i do not like horizontal moving/scrolling things in the portrait smartphone layout. I would hide the image grid on this device and replace it with something else.

Mr. F.

Yes, I did that with my latest template offering because my thumbnails were bigger than the Lightbox.

I do love what has been done with the Video/Image Grid which makes far less work on the mobile, but the option to switch the Lightbox off on mobile would be a great option to have so the UX can be more efficient if the thumbnails are larger than what the Lightbox can offer.