Distance between content and footer in subpages

Hello everyone, I am a complete newbie with Sparkle. I have set up a layout block as a footer whose position also appears on the subpages (address, imprint, etc.) My problem is that this footer is shown on the subpages at the same distance as on the main page. Since the main page is relatively long and the subpages are much shorter, I have a very large and empty space between the page content and the footer. I have no idea how to adjust this distance. Thanks in advance


This is going to be tricky @Reiner, and welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

  • With your non subpages have you got the footer you made for your normal pages across all your pages, including now also the subpages?
  • Also do you have those non subpages footer assigned “Move with page bottom

I think the best thing to try first is to make sure your footer is set to “Move with page bottom” and check to see if that resolves your issue regarding your subpages. That would mean to start over again with a new footer…


I would not use a Layout Block as footer. Plenty of problems.
Layout Blocks can swap places, but a footer should stay always at the bottom of a page.

Mr. F.

Hi, I checked the settings of my footer and set them as you wrote. I also found out what the problem was: I placed the group (text, images) under the header. In my previous attempts to move the footer of the subpage to the top, it disappeared into nirvana, of course. This then led to me changing a lot of settings with the result that I completely lost the overview. Classic newbie mistake. :grinning:

So I dragged the group above the footer and then adjusted the subpages with the control at the bottom of the page. Now everything fits. Many thanks for your help.

What would be the alternative? To create the footer as a group?

Hi Reiner.

Yes, i would do so - and i did. My website does not have Layout Blocks.

So, for a footer i suggest to use a wide box as background, add all the information you need (text, images, links, or more) and make the whole thing a group (important!). Select the group (not only the box) and set it in the arrange tab: show on all pages and move with end of page.

Next double click on the 8 dots to move the footer towards the end (or click control+command+F)

That should do the trick.

Mr. F.

You may have a look at a post, referring to footer.layout blocks as well.
It might help.

KInd Regards,

Watch my latest post and:

the issue for some reason, layer-z-order in layers panel does not “logically” work consistent through all elements. Footers have to be quite on top of everything in layers panel although they should appear at the bottom on canvas. Except in my cases, where my menu bar has to stay on top so that all elements scroll below/under that menu bar. Menu bars in my cases, have to be on top in layers panel.

Kind Regards,

Hi Mr. F…

first of all thanks for your advice and your explanation. At this moment my problem is solved and I keep going on with the Layout Block as a footer. But I keep your advice in mind …

As I wrote, I am a newbie with Sparkle. But my previous experiences with iWeb and Rapid Weaver have shown me that I need to learn to understand the basics of an app like Sparkle. This leads me to the question: why is a footer built with a group better than one built by a layout block? Both solutions are offered in the Sparkle documentation.


Hi Uwe,

I also came across this thread. But I haven’t read it all the way through yet. Give me some time to read and understand it - also your further post here. I will give you a feedback in any case. Thank you in any case up to this point.


That may just be prejudice on my part.

Layout Blocks gave me a lot of problems in the beginning, which might have been eliminated by now.

Mr. F.

Hi Mr.F.

I’m beginning to get an idea of the difficulties you might have had at the time. After I had fixed my website in a rough structure, I wanted to adapt it to mobile devices. The footer from a layout block gave me a completely unusable result. After a few attempts to correct this, I gave up.

I cloned the page and instead of the layout block footer I created one based on a group according to your instructions. Now it works. Thanks a lot for your help.