Do I need to activate all devices!

I’ve almost completed my website and I’ve made modifications in all but one of the ‘devices’. If I activate ‘Landscape Smartphones’, the auto responsiveness is worse than if I don’t activate it. I’d rather leave it as it is because unactivated looks better, and to be honest, how many folk hold their phones in that mode anyway to view a website. My portrait version looks fantastic - I spend a long time working on this - I just don’t think it’s worth doing modifying landscape.

So my question is, when I finally upload my site, and I don’t activate the landscape ‘plus’ icon, will my site deliver the same as I am seeing right now.

I hope this makes sense.

You don’t need to activate all devices. I know tons of people who actually only activate the desktop and mobile version and that’s it.

Really? Brilliant. Thanks so much for the feedback!

Yep like @eatlon mentioned there is no need to activate mobile portrait. I find for myself the 1200, 768, and 320px breakpoints does the job.

Hope your launch goes well! :slight_smile:

Many thanks. Almost finished now.