Documentation progress

In our work in progress on the 2.8 documentation, we just published an update with a few minor changes and the new site search page.

Are there unanswered questions? I’m sure there are, just can’t think of any.

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I would like to see a video tutorial for Sparkle. For example a video on how the Sparkle home page is built as it has just about everything on would want to do in a website.

Or maybe you could offer up the document file for that page. I’m especially interested n the wavy border between the white and blue areas on the page.

Well we have many videos, I wouldn’t really know how to approach yet another one differently. We might need a more systematic approach to videos, like we did in the past.

The wavy border is something only mentioned in passing so far and definitely something to add to either the box documentation or to the how-to’s.

It is essentially this svg set as a box background. The SVG came via the Sketch plugin, but you can make it and export it in any tool.

Thanks Duncan.

Yes, you very briefly mentioned it in your live web broadcast but it isn’t mentioned int the documentation. . I don’t have and can’t afford Sketch so I’ll have to hunt around for a free SVG editor for these types of things. Or drop into code which I’m not supposed to do and I don’t like doing anymore. I checked and I have at least 4 different code editors that can handle this with IntelliJ even showing a live preview. is a free SVG editor.


Might look at Acorn app. I think they have SVG support, pretty affordable editor.

I have purchased Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo so I have a vector drawing tool now. I’m wanting to mov more into graphic design but Sparkle is still my choice for web work.


@Marshall, Oh you are going to love it!!! :slight_smile: And what about Affinity Publisher… OMG what a great job they have done! They have just walked all over Adobe and have over 2Million active users now - I’m included! :slight_smile:

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I’ll be adding Publisher soon to round out my suite. I was a beta tester but I couldn’t afford to take advantage if the purchase discount at the time so I have to wait another week or two.

In my mind the Affinity suite along with Sparkle makes a good toolset for most web or design work. Looking forward to learning it all and getting my first graphic design client.


@Marshall, They still have 20% off Publisher as I speak (App Store) - maybe for another week or so. Good luck on your new business journey! :slight_smile:

I’m using Designer and to create my web site graphic too, but I am very angry because Affinity have not decide to insert the vectorial distorsion and other function that Adobe Illustrator take from far time away. For this motive I’ll do not buy other Affinity products more because I believe that all of this is incredible…a software that wor at 50%…