Does footer on copied page remain linked to original page?

Hi, my website is text heavy and simply structured.

head, sticky head, picture, headline, text, footer (which is the same on all pages).
To add a new page I just copied the last page and then changed all the elements in their all boxes. New image, headline, text.

On the new page the new text runs much longer. It seems now I cannot get the footer in the right position below the text.
If it sits right on the copied page, there is a huge gap between text and footer in the original page.
If it sits right in the original page, it will be positioned in the middle of the text column in the copied page.

Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Also: I deleted the copied new page to get back the old website. In the Safari preview it now shows this huge gab, Chrome preview and the published version are ok though.

If I understand your question correctly, you want to have the same footer on each page so that if you edit the footer on one page the changes to the footer will be reflected on all other pages.

Copying the item (or items) you have applied Follow footer from one page to another will result in effectively a separate footer on each page.

Note: If you have a group of items that combine to make a footer, Group the items and then apply Follow footer to the group. It is not recommended to apply Follow footer to individual items for the purpose of making a footer.

A Universal Footer on All Pages

To have a ‘universal’ footer throughout your website, use the ‘Share on all pages’ feature:

  1. Remove the previously copied footers on all pages except one (do this to avoid ending up with two footers on each page).
  2. Select your item that has Follow footer applied to it.
  3. Select the Arrange Inspector on the right hand side of Sparkle.
  4. Navigate to the bottom of the Arrange Inspector and select ’Show on all pages’.

This will apply the footer to all pages. You can then edit the footer on any page and it will automatically update on all other pages.

Once you have shared your footer to all pages you will need to check the position of the footer.

  1. If you have varying page heights (in some cases) the footer may not always be stick to the bottom of the page.
  2. If you find on some pages that the footer is not stuck the bottom of the page simply drag the footer down to the bottom of the page.

Different Footers for Different Pages

If you want to modify the footer on some pages, so you effectively have two (or more) footers for different, pages do the following:

  1. You need to divide your site into Sections using the Add Section tool, which is applied with the same button as you use to Add a new page.
  2. Drag the pages you want into the section into the section.
  3. Add a footer to a page in the section.
  4. Select the footer.
  5. Select the Arrange Inspector on the right hand side of Sparkle.
  6. At the bottom of the Arrange Inspector select ’Show on all pages in this section’.

I hope this is helpful.

You can find more information on the arrange panel here: Arrange | Sparkle Documentation

Thx, for the reply. But sorry, but this is big misunderstanding.
I do have an universal footer. It is grouped, it does consist of several items. It is in the right position on 15 pages or so. There is no problem with the footer.
Meanwhile I have deleted the duplicated page and build a new page. So I do not have a problem with the website.

My question is:
Does a duplicated page and the original page remain connected?

I duplicated a page.
I put new text in the text box. The new text runs much longer, so I adjusted the footer on the duplicated page. But now the footer on the original page is too far below the text box. So I click on the six dots at the bottom of the original page to position the footer in the right place. This now leads to the footer on the duplicated page to move up, so it sits in the middle of the page. If I now adjust the footer on the duplicated page, the game starts all over again.

HI Thomas,

Thank you for clarifying, your reply is understood.

A duplicated page should not cause the issue you describe.

A duplicated page is not connected other than the elements that are shared across pages.

A double click in the six dots at the bottom of the page should align your footer with the bottom of your page design/items.

Duplicating a page for the purposes of creating a new one of the same style is a common (and very efficient) way of working in Sparkle and should not cause the result you are describing.

Best thing to do in this case is to share your file to find the issue. Happy to take a look at if you are happy to share it.

Otherwise, in Sparkle go Apple Menu / Help / Contact Sparkle Support.


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Videos cannot be posted here so I have created a link…

Two videos:

  1. Without follow footer - replicates the issue you are having
  2. With follow footer - solves the issue you are having

I hope this is helpful.


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