Downloads work in Safari but not in Chrome

I’m running into an issue that I have no explanation for. On this page:

clicking on any of the four “Download…” buttons works in both Safari and Chrome. But on this page:

clicking on one of the three download links works in Safari and does not work in Chrome. Here is the odder part: in Chrome, you can see the link if you hover the mouse over it, and it will work if you right-click on the click to copy it and then paste it in the address bar. But it refuses to work if you click directly on the link.

I would appreciate any hints.

To be honest - I have no idea what it could be.
But the website is called https:…
The first downloads are also called https:…
But the second downloads are only http:…

Maybe Chrome doesn’t like http anymore.

Mr. F.

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Taking Mr F’s point a stage further I’ve got to the bottom of why pictures are not loading in a Chrome or Android browser,when they’re fine on desktops and Apple iOS. My website is secure (https) and is hot-linking to an insecure one (http), my same page when linked to a picture from an https site/page is showing successfully.

This was fine some time ago when my page was first available, but it seems the security (??) setting/s no longer allow this loading from an unsecured source. Mpilot

@Mpilot You are correct! :slight_smile:

From a web designer’s point of view all URLs (internal and external) needs to be “https” before launch - no ifs no buts. There is no more grace from the major browsers on this matter and plus the search engines are heavily penalising websites that don’t bother to adhere!

@Mr_Fozzie, I take a bow. You are correct and it’s now fixed.

Thank you.


And that brings me to the following suggestion for improvement:
The field to enter an external link is prefilled with http://
Maybe this could be changed by default to https://
It would certainly reduce unwanted errors.

Mr. F.

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Indeed, this would be a small but good improvement.

Another idea would be to have Sparkle’s SEO feature flag any external link that uses http: instead of https:. I don’t know if this actually affects SEO; @Duncan can shed some light on this. But if Google is preventing downloads with an http: link, I can’t imagine that they would be happy about it when indexing pages.

At any rate, it would be good to have Sparkle flag it.

I missed the original page with the problem so I’m not sure what the problem was. Hotlinking is rather exotic and not something most people do, and also the only place where a problem of this sort can happen. You can definitely have a plain link to an http site from an https site, no security issue there. The only additional place where this can be a problem is in embedded code, but in that case you either copy/paste working code, or you have to know what you are doing…