Drag and drop a page between project windows

How can I drag and drop a page between project windows? Is that an additional paid feature? (I saw it on the “new features” announcement)

No it’s not paid, it’s free as part of Sparkle 3.

Just drag a page from the left page sidebar to a different project sidebar.

Thanks Duncan. Tried it, and it works with pages that don’t have lots of content. I tried it (several times) with a long page with lots of pictures, but couldn’t make it work.
That’s the reason for my additional question: I know that I can create a link from one web-site to another once both are online and you have an URL to link to. But is it possible to create a link between pages of two Sparkle projects already in the computer that remain active once the projects are uploaded to the same server?
Additional explanation: My websides are for family use (large family all over the world). That’s why there are lots of picture involved, that are zoomable in lightbox. One website is more of a timeline, the other contains additional material, which didn’t make it in the main one. I would like to be able to connect/link the additional material for those family member interested in it.
Suggestions are very welcome. Thanks

There might be some performance issue with a large page, we’ll look into it. If you click and drag, then wait for the cursor to show a page, dropping should work.

There’s no support for cross project links.

Why not combine your sites into one?

Thanks Duncan. I was very patient and waited on the page to move until it showed under the cursor. I could move it to the other project and also waited VERY long, hoping it just needed time, but there was never the insert line that appeared in the target project when I tried it with a very simple page. And when I let go after like two minutes the page image under the cursor just disappeared towards the original project.
Is there a size limit for Sparkle projects?

That’s what I’m trying to do, but it doesn’t work the way it was announced it would in V3 (please read the above)

In your post you describe linking between multiple websites (plural) meaning you are using multiple Sparkle project files. With my suggestion I am say one site, one Sparkle file. Then you link between pages/sections.

Please send the project file via wetransfer to feedback@sparkleapp.com and point out which page can’t be dragged, we’ll look into it.

Will do. I will send you the two projects, but as my internet connection is slow, it will take some time.

Ohhh, trying to wetransfer the projects I just realized that one is about 600 MB (which makes sense) the other one with only two pages I want to transfer is 2.24 GB, but saved as a website it’s only 155 MB (how can that be? Do I have to reduce the pictures - which are print size (300dpi) used in an Indesign project? Or is there something else not correct? It’s just pictures and text, no movies, no fancy stuff.

Sparkle stores the original images, in general it’s a good thing because you can change the image size or crop without having to find the original image again.

After I realized the huge size of the Sparkle file, I wanted to check and saw that I imported the original Photoshop files from Indesign into Sparkle (which were accepted no problem).
After converting all the images from psd to jpg (same size) the Sparkle file shrank from 2.24 GB to 70 MB (!). And now the copying of the two pages from one project to the other worked without a problem.
Thank you Duncan for your help!

Thank you Chris, that’s amazing, and we should probably do something about it. While a 30 megapixel image might just be pixels never used, a PSD with all the layers actually can never be used. Would make sense to just keep the flattened jpeg.