Dreams are desires. That's what I'd like to have at Christmas

Dear Santa Duncan :innocent:
with this little letter I wanted to publicly thank you for all the times that you have helped me with my site and all your elves collaborators because you are the best there is out there. I’ll never stop writing it! Sparkle is a fantastic program and we love it madly!:heart_eyes:
If you decide to make mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, key holders and so on, know that I will buy them all without any problem!:sunglasses:

But here’s what I expect under the Christmas tree of Sparkle… (maybe not at Christmas… do we do for the new year?)

  • I would like the boxes, at the top right, relating to the description of the page and other information to have more space to write. Can we make it possible to enlarge these windows by dragging down the bottom right corner?
  • I would like to be able to set the image inside the boxes freely without having to use “up, center, down” or “left, center, right”;
  • I want there to be a system that would randomly manage the images. It could be useful for those who advertise on their site but also to create graphic garments that randomly change the access, maybe we can make sure that in the tool of the image galleries these appear in random mode?
  • I would like to have the possibility to insert pop-ups (or messages) on my pages to warn my visitors about something. That would be great!;
  • I would like have rulers to pull precise lines to place elements on the page. I know, I can activate the grid but it only works for objects to be placed vertically and not horizontally. It’s true, there are tools to adjust the positioning automatically but I find that a line and any “snap” can work wonders;
  • Last but important, I woul like a better management of the pages on the left. It’s okay if you have about ten pages but if, as in my case, these are going to increase, I’ll need a better system to manage them … otherwise you’ll find me in an asylum shortly …

I feel like that’s all there is right now. Dear Santa Duncan, I’ve been good…I hope you’ll be satisfied.

With affection, a loyal customer of yours! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

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Totally agree with everything in this post!
Sparkle is outstanding🤩 but best can be better!
The ability to crop images more freely is an old wish of mine.

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Hyphens ple-ase :slight_smile:
Activating it manually in Sparkle’s output CSS is not a practicable option.

You can add that code in an embed rather than editing the output, for the time being.

This works. Thank you Duncan!

Apoyo todos los puntos, en especial el punto 4 y último!!!
Y añado:
.- Gestionar una pequeña tienda. (no tengo ni idea de por donde empezar, pero tampoco tenia idea de hacer una web, y con sparkle lo conseguí) ¿por qué no pedir ese deseo?
.- Y una larga, provechosa y beneficiosa vida para Santa Duncan.
Con afecto, otra clienta fiel suya :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I, too, would wish for at least a way to see more of each page’s title. I named these files long ago in a now-dead program where I could widen the left file list. But now I have to imagine what the title is.
For example now I see two page titles, one appears as “Ivermectin ca…” and another as “Ivermectin hor…” . This requires me to look and see that the former is really “Ivermectin: calculating a dose”. It’s hard to recall what “ca…” and “hor…” are short for.
If the file list was either an adjustable width or showed two lines of the title (one over the other) it would save a lot of time.

And as always and forever I wish for sub-folders.
Both for organizing files so the left hand list doesn’t become endless, but also because I have topics and sub-topics on my website. Now I have to make individual Sparkle sites which serve as what used to be subfolders (when I used other web programs over the years).

I truly enjoy the interaction you bring to all of this, Duncan. You breath life into Sparkle.

Yeah we don’t expect the two level structure to live forever.