Drone club website

I’ve just made a new website for the local drone club. It is work in progress and fun to do. Have a look at https://www.droneclubborne.nl/

Best regards, Hans


Awesome. Flights are beautiful.

Thank you! Some more videos are added.

Just one thing…on the videos page, remove the apostrophe in the plural.
I know, lots and lots of people are making this same mistake lately but it’s wrong to use an apostrophe in a plural.
Oh…I saw the Videos page but did not see any videos posted there. Am I missing something?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your message.
Yes we Dutch mix English and Dutch a lot. But this websites native language is Dutch an in Dutch it is video’s and not videos.
You should be able to see the videos on this page.You’re the first person reporting that he is not able to see the videos. Anyone else reading this having the same problem?
Best regards, Hans

The video’s did not show until I refreshed my browser (Safari) several times. This is usually due to your Web hosting cache.

Also, store all your video’s in Sparkle, don’t embed YouTube.

Hi Hans!
Thanks for your reply!
I just tried visiting your website again and once more, no luck seeing videos (video’s?)
See my screen shot.
I will ask my friend Remco Boom in Hilversum to try.

Hi, Storing videos on your own server can, depending on your hosting package, get you in trouble with bandwidth. That’s why I use Vimeo which I prefer over YouTube to host any videos on a website I build. Vimeo has a cleaner interface and less junk.

Okay, yes the videos are there but only after I cleared my Safari cache.
Still, they page took a long time to load.
I wonder if that has to do with how many videos there are on that one page?
Perhaps try the “load when visible” feature in Sparkle?

Hello Dave, I’ve changed it from “direct embed” to “still+embed”. Hope it has improved now.

Thanks for your info. I’ve changed the video-player settings. Hope it has improved now. Storing my videos in Sparkle means that they will alos be stored on the webserver. Unfortunately I’ve a low cost contract with minimal bandwith and server discspace so I would prefer to work with Youtube/Vimeo.

Excellent work Hans. Nicely done!
Perhaps a couple of things.
Your menu under the hamburger icon could be a little larger in size and font.
Also once I click videos, the Hamburger icon is halfway down the page. Perhaps you can move that up vertically to just under the header.


Thanks Woodrow, I’ve made some changes hope this works better?
Have a look at the newest video, at bottom video page. Hope you like it.

Best regards,