Drop down Manu - Publish/Preview behavior differs


I am having an issue with my drop down menu that has me scratching my chin. The menu consists of 6 options from the single top level menu button. All choices have the same action when clicked of going to an internal page.

The issue deals with the last choice. On all pages - except the Home page - the last choice behaves as expected. On the Home page, the last choice is not recognized as a choice. The arrow mouse pointer does not change to hand. The color change from hovering does not take place. And of course, there is no jump to the linked page.

And to add to the confusion, the errant behavior is not evident in Preview. Everything is fine with In Preview. The errant behavior occurs when I publish to my host. I will also add that when I do publish, it is to a subfolder which acts as my test environment.

Does anyone have any insight into what is going on?

@DaverD, A link could help so we can see the behaviour in the wild…

Hello @greenskin.

The issue is illustrated here. As you click on “Go inside” and hover down, you see the correct menu button changes…until you get to “Alert”.

This is my dev/test environment. In Preview mode, all is fine. (See attached.)

Note: The Production site does not have the Alert button.

Everything looks ok on your production site regarding your navigation…

  • I noticed that when I hover over “Go Inside” your navigation drops down but when I stop hovering over “Go Inside” you navigation buttons remain instead of disappearing. Should it be like that?
  • Can’t help you much with the “Alert” button because I can’t interact with it.

So the style on your Alert button hasn’t changed?

[nonsense deleted]
Mr. F.

@DaverD is it possible to add the alert button into your production model? Just for testing sake.


“when I stop hovering over “Go Inside” you navigation buttons remain instead of disappearing.”

Uh…I didn’t know I had a choice. Do I?

I prefer not to. Especially since I am publishing to the production host - just under a different folder. I do this to mitigate the risk of an environmental factor in behavior.

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