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Hi, I saw that with the new version the possibility of adding drop-down menus has been added. Adding them to the site is very simple, but how do you create links to the items in the menu? I saw that there is no information on this function in the online help.

Thank you


I’m pretty sure you’ve got something mixed up here. Drop-down menus have been around for a while, not just since a recent update.

What is new, however, is the drop-down selection within a form. This has nothing to do with menus.

Is that what’s worrying you?

Mr. F.

Thank you Mr_Fozzie for your answer, I apologize if maybe I was unclear when I asked my question, I try to explain myself better …
normally in the drop-down menus it is possible to interact with the various items they contain, having the possibility to select them and access the contents linked to them. in my case, i can’t figure out how it is possible to create these links


OK. I recommend to watch this Youtube video about Sparkle Menus and also try this in a demo project.

Sparkle Menus (provided from Duncan)

It’s a bit older and from an older version, but the features still apply, at least in essence.

Mr. F.

thanks for the tip, but i wasn’t referring to the menu function, but to the drop down menu function

This is not a menu.

I give you credit that it is listed in the user interface under “Navigation and forms”. It belongs to Forms, unfortunately.

So i was right.

Mr. F.

Mr Fozzie is right, that belongs to the Formular and won’t work with the menu.

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