Drop-down menus should be always on the first layer

If you’re not very careful, the drop-down menus go easily under the images and text blocks (and I can’t imagine a single situation where you could want that).
Isn’t it possible to change Sparkle preferences in order to be sure that drop-down menus stays ALWAYS on the first layer?

Thank you !


I agree with you. It was always a bit fiddly going back and forth making sure the menu was viewable and not hiding under something else.

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They say it takes 30 days to make something a habit. I think it took me longer than that but I eventually did …(make it a habit).

Make a habit of:

  1. Sending new items you place on your page to the back, or backward
  2. If you group items - send them to the back, or backward
  3. If you ungroup items - send them back or backward

I have noticed this is only necessary if you have a pinned menu or item on the page that stays in a fixed position. When there are no pinned or fixed position elements, send to front / back options are not available.

Not saying it wouldn’t be great, however, to have some items, like menus, stay in front by default.

“Greater freedom to design on the page comes with greater responsibility. Greater automation comes less freedom to design.”

  • Chris :slight_smile:

Thank you Chris! I’ve kept a copy of this so I can refer to it in future. Ever so helpful!