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Hi All! I’m building a website for lesson plans for teachers, and I was excited by the addition of the drop down selection tool. But I feel like I’m missing a step. I’ve created three drop downs - one for topic, one for provider, and one for grade level specific items. In each list I’ve defined my items. But I cannot for the life of me figure out the step I’m missing to make it go where I’m telling it to go. (i.e. they choose US History from the “choose by Topic” drop down)

What probably very obvious thing am I missing here? :slight_smile:

@NotDaveJohnson, just checking to see that you have added the categories under your 3 dropdowns?

On the right hand panel (when you click on the dropdown) you’ll see a container named “Drop-down Selection”. There you add the categories that populates your dropdown.

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Hi @NotDaveJohnson,

are you maybe thinking that the dropdown list is used for site navigation? Because it’s not, it’s intended for forms.

You can create navigation menus (that pop up or drop down) using the menu element or a button+popup combination.

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You have to give him credit for the user interface being misleading.
This should perhaps be improved.

Mr. F.

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Thanks all - so what I"m hearing is there’s no way to force a choice made there to take you somewhere else? That’s a bummer. I’d love to see that functionality added at some point.

@NotDaveJohnson have you thought of using a second menu acting as a dropdown?

Anyways welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

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Maybe a semantic issue, but the title doesn’t imply that all elements in there are for both navigation and forms, rather that there are elements related to navigation and forms (either/or).

Sorry no, the point is that the functionality exists, but in another form.

The specific element “drop down list” is for forms. It will never be changed to also support navigation, because that’s a syntax error, it’s like using the windshield wiper lever to control headlights.

You can add drop down functionality using the menu element or the popup element.


Sorry, but I stand by my opinion.
The only element in this selection that is used for navigation is the menu. All the others are for a form.

Suggestion: Take out the menu and place it on top:

Call the selection just “Forms”. No more confusion.

Mr. F.