Duncan’s Videos

I would advise any newcomer to the Sparkle platform to follow @duncan and his videos on YouTube. Clear, concise, very informative.
A great addition to the documentation. This community forum is amazing. Just upgraded to Sparkle Pro, and one of the reasons was responsive support, community, and a developing program that has a very bright future!
Thanks Duncan.
My best,
~Bill Wood


@Woodrow, Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s a great combination, congrats with getting Sparkle Pro :slight_smile:


When I selected this program I respected their mission. Sparkle really has a great future.
Like any program there’s always a learning curve. I’m in the midst of that and the videos are very helpful.

It would be fantastic If Duncan would do a video tutorial on Instagram integration. I have just one personal website and am not sure what Instagram will do for my website. If it was worthwhile, I would upgrade to pro ( Instagram Integration only available on pro) I assume he must be busy now with the impending release of Version 3. But later on it would be useful particularly for old geezers like me.

Hi @mhirji, like many things in Sparkle, the demo video would literally show entering Instagram username and password and that’s it.

The discussion about what Instagram can do for your site is more about Instagram than about Sparkle. The main benefit is you can drive content updates from Instagram, instead of having to republish the site from Sparkle.

Happy to answer any specific question, I’m not really sure what more there is to say…

Duncan thank you for your response. I guess anyone using this feature from their website particularly to publicize their Website bearing their products and services Would be the best person to create a short video tutorial. Any enthusiasts?