Duplicate Pages Between Sites

Is there a way to duplicate an entire page between Sparkle Project files?

I’ve tried Select-all/Copy/Paste and Import from a published version of the original project. In both cases some elements are presented correctly, some misplaced on the layout, some missed entirely.

In neither case are pop-ups on the page duplicated between projects.

“Duplicate Page” within the same project works perfectly. What I need is effectively to “Duplicate” into a different Project file.

The quickest way is to have your original project alongside your newly opened project.
I would also introduce the devices you have in your original project.

Once done drag the page from the thumbnails on your original project across to the newly created project. Make sure you drag it into the thumbnails area…

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You, sir, are a genius!

That’s 99% perfect. All that’s lost are the links that open pop-ups. They’re “cleared” to “No-popup”, but, hey, as the popups have been duplicated, it takes moments to fix. Thank you for your advice.

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