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I created my site in French.
I would now like to create the English version. I don’t want to start all over again, so I would like to duplicate the French pages and then include the English text. How can I do this? I tried duplicating the pages but I can only do it one by one, and there are a lot of them …

Then, this site will contain at least 3 versions in addition to the French version (English, Italian, Spanish).
Pages of all languages will use the same images and documents, will Sparkle duplicate these files or use existing ones …

Knowing that the French version is already over 500 megabytes, if Sparkle duplicates these files, my site will become very heavy …
Before I used software and I could give it the same files for each version.

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You could try duplicating your Sparkle file and then publishing each language version to a subfolder.



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Superb idea, I did not think about it !! Thank you !!! :+1:t2:


How to do now, so that the pages of the other languages use the same images, documents, sounds of the French version, without having to duplicate them for each language.

If I recreate a site with Sparkle for each language, it will deliver these same files which are absolutely identical for all languages … and the site will be very heavy.

For each site, there are only the html pages that will be modified.

I hope I explained myself well …

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See the Site Settings page. You can tell Sparkle which languages you are using. Also,@Duncan did a video on the subject.

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