Dutch Facebook Group


I just made a Dutch Facebook Group about Sparkle (questions, answers, tips etc.)
Sparkle webdesign NL

The reason for this is that sometimes I have trouble reading and understanding what is exactly ment to get things done. In Dutch it is easier to say and understand, I think.
Join if you like!


Great stuff, I would love to join but I cannot understand Dutch. I only understand German and English.

Thank you MiWe! Maybe there is a German Facebook group…

Maybe I will start one, one day if I see there is enough German speaking members for it.

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Just give it a try :wink:

Hans, Very nice a Dutch group because my English is not perfect and if you get into trouble you might ask for help in Dutch. Fortunately, I can still do a lot in this community!:+1:

Hello Kees,

I understand. But you can join if you like and still be active in this English community of course :wink:
And that’s what you’ve done. :+1:

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@ MiWe There are already a lot of them (german speaking people) here. You’d be surprised.

Herzliche Grüße,