Dynamic Import of data from excel spreadsheet

I have a site which displays the rules, results and positions of a group of friends in their golf.
The results etc are generated in an Excel spreadsheet and at the moment I have to copy and paste from the spreadsheet into the website.

Is there a way for me to get a sparkle page to look up the data in the spreadsheet and display in a table ?

Sparkle can’t do it. But Apple’s Keynote can;

  1. Create a spreadsheet in Apple’s Keynote, go to the Share menu, and select Collaborate With Others .
  2. Select “Copy Link”.
  3. Under Share Options, set Who can access to “Anyone with the link” and Permission to “view Only”.
  4. After Keynote and iCloud process your presentation, there will be a URL on your clipboard. There’s no confirmation of this. Paste that link into the file section in the embed code below;

Then copy this into the embed box in Sparkle.

Key takeaways - you have to use Apple iCloud, and you can’t prevent users from downloading and sharing. But you can prevent users from making changes.

The cool things you can do are endless. You can have multiple slides, text, graphics, and images. Users can make your spreadsheet full-screen. You can make changes in Keynote on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and even from any browser on any computer by going to iCloud.com and your spreadsheet in Sparkle will be updated.

I’ve made blogs with this so clients can update/create entries themselves. I make spreadsheets that don’t look anything like a boring spreadsheet. Use your imagination and see what you can do!


Thanks so much for this comprehensive answer, I will have a play with this

@thetravelhikelife, You are one clever man!!! :slight_smile:
I wouldn’t have cooked that one up in my wildest dreams, but what a great solution! :slight_smile:

@greenskin Thanks! It’s my ideas that don’t work that are really wild.

You can also export the keynote file as HTML. This will allow the page to be embedded in an Iframe within the sparkle page. Every time edits are made, you would re-export to the same file name to update your site page.

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It seems to work with Numbers too. Easier for managing tables

@PaoloPa That’s great!

Thanks all for the suggestions

After entering this code into Sparkle, shouldn’t Keynote or Pages content appear in the Sparkle project?
“<iframe src=“https://www.icloud.com/pages/0dtuJTFMwQh0lAtg7LzcUzMxQ#bez_nazwy” width=960” height=“500”>"
I have an empty frame and the Preview shows the information that: The www.icloud.com server has rejected the connection.
However, the link to the content of Pages is correct: https://www.icloud.com/pages/0dtuJTFMwQh0lAtg7LzcUzMxQ#bez_nazwy

@GRAFKOM, I’m wondering… Have you got an SSL Certificate against your domain name?

I did not publish my Sparkle project to the server, I only checked in local preview.

@GRAFKOM Try a test setup with Keynote first. Once the Keynote connection is working try Pages. Apple designed this embed setup for Keynote, but I have gotten Numbers and Pages to work with Pages being the most hit or miss. Information I received from Apple said to consider this for Numbers and Pages to be in Beta.

Sparkle does not always show embed results in the canvas, or at least not right away, yet should always show in Safari Preview. You don’t need the project published to your server.

As @greenskin wrote, iCloud will reject without an SSL certificate against your domain.

Can someone check if after pasting the code in Sparkle, the code content from Keynote will be displayed in the preview: (iframe content)

++++++<iframe src = “http://www.icloud.com/keynote/0EVS3g3gUZZowC-J7KZuSHJPg#bez_nazwy” width = 960 “height =” 500 "> +++++++

For me, it still does not appear, neither on the canvas nor in Preview.

The post below relates to this issue.

Just create a keynote project with a page size of 960 x 500 (from your example) add a spreadsheet table and its data or copy and paste your numbers table into keynote. Export the keynote as HTML and upload it to a folder on your server. You can now use the iframe code to point to the index.html file created by keynote (remember it will be in a folder on your server so add the full path to the iframe code). When you want to change the data, make the changes in the keynote file and re-export the html and replace the version on your server with the new one. There will be no need to change your sparkle project file as long as your edited keynote file uses the same path and file name.


Copy and paste

Worked perfectly and appeared in Sparkle canvas within 5 seconds and in Sparkle Safari Preview

This also show’s the lack of an SSL Certificate is not a factor.

I copied and pasted and for some reason it does not show up on my canvas and in the browser.
I do not know why.

@GRAFKOM Based on the iCloud server error you’ve gotten, twice, something is interfering with the code going from your Mac to iCloud. In this case it looks like iCloud system files on your Mac may be the issue. Try the following steps:

  1. Check iCloud system status https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/

  2. If you’re using a VPN, disable it.

  3. Uncheck the iCloud services from System Preferences, Apple ID, and then sign out of iCloud.

  4. In Safari Preferences delete Safari web history and under Manage Website Data click Remove All.

  5. Restart your Mac.

  6. Sign back in to iCloud and enable all services.

  7. Run the Keynote embed test in Sparkle again.

I use AirTable. You can build tables and export the embed file. Very clean.

@thetravelhikelife, many thanks also from my side. These are the real kind of tips which make this Community so precious.