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Hi, just after some help please.

I have a client who wants an E-Commerce site to sell some products so I was wondering the best options to be able to do that within Sparkle?

They have also asked for a potential option to upload images and prices etc themselves.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks :blush:

@StratBluesLC, Two good options are Ecwid and Shopify where you can embed the shopping cart within Sparkle and the client can update it via the Ecwid or Shopify CMS.

Any updates to the Sparkle website itself will still need to be done via Sparkle.

I have two working examples I can show you, answering your question…


@greenskin recommendation is spot on.

There’s many different shopping cart options. Choose an e-commerce platform you are comfortable supporting on behalf of the client. When they have a problem they will call you. Telling them to contact the e-commerce platform for help devalues you.

The workflow I setup with clients is allowing them to manage the items and pricing in the e-commerce side, while I handle the rest of the site in Sparkle. I no longer give clients access to the Sparkle file. I’ve had clients crash sites and just do general stupid (expensive) things. That publish button can be dangerous in the wrong hands!


If you want a self-hosted solution, you could set up Stiva Shopping cart as part of your client’s website. This is a totally self contained web-app that doesn’t rely on third-party services. It also provides an admin area where the client can add, edit or delete items. I’ve used it on a number of websites and find that sparkle pages offer the easiest way to embed the shopping cart. You can see an example HERE. The script itself is simply installed on the web server, but it does require a server that has mySQL and PHP enabled. It contains a number of payment options including PayPal. The publishers will even install the script for you if you’re unfamiliar with setting up the database. Its a relatively inexpensive option at $49 so well worth considering if you want to keep everything under one roof.


@greenskin @thetravelhikelife @francbrowne thank you for your help and guidance :pray: I will look into the options you have given. :grinning: :+1:

@thetravelhikelife, You had me laughing on that last paragraph!!! :slight_smile:

I know we are here to all have a good go at putting together a website but in general I don’t really get why clients think that they are experts at something they have no clue about! They believe a website is a Word docx… what can be so hard about it!

We had put together a beautiful upmarket auction house website (www.armitageauctions.com) with a CMS backend (not a Sparkle site - site was launched before I got to know Sparkle) allowing the client to upload their auction galleries and edit the site’s content… And now it just looks like a Word document gone wrong!!! :frowning:


@greenskin That site…laugh or cry I can’t decide. I don’t know what’s worse; that the entire site’s text is center-aligned or how they used every font, weight, size, shade of grey, and capital/noncapital option on their computer.

A story if I might…
I had a prospective client who demanded I build her site and she’d take it from there. I repeatedly told her I don’t do turnkey sites, even after she offered double my quote. Sitting with her looking out over the parking lot I asked if that was her Porsche parked by the door. “Yes”, she said. I replied, “would you throw your keys to someone you just met and, with a full tank of gas say go to the market and bring me back some eggs?” “Of course not”, she said. “No you wouldn’t”, I replied. In an attempt to lighten the moment I went on, “No because best case scenario your Porsche returns with no gas and broken eggs. Worst case your Porsche is towed back with no gas and broken eggs.” When she didn’t see the humor I knew it was a bad match. I got up and left.


@thetravelhikelife, I know, I know… I myself don’t know if I want to laugh or cry! This is a very good example of clients not knowing what they are doing, period!

Your story is a good one! :slight_smile:
I’m thinking more and more that maintaining a client’s website (editing/SEO) for a /month fee is a default service I will be instating, and I know a certain number of potential clients will say no but that is AOK as well. I’m not here for everyone.

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Here’s an example of embedded e-commerce solution: www.sparkle-themes.com.

Shamelessly self-promoting. :yum:


@Chris, And it looks mighty fine! :slight_smile:

I like how Shopify makes it look like the shopping cart is the website and for the average User they would never know the difference! :slight_smile:

Hi, I used Snipcart with alittle bit of code trickery. I’m a designer, so I only have a few products for sale since most of my work is commissioned. It let me create a really custom look. Snipcart lets you customize the look and colors of the cart with custom embedded CSS. You can take a look at my website: www.icecycle.com/store.html

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I use Ecwid for my site. Ecwid has a free option so you can try it out. Agree with @thetravelhikelife let the client into the shopping area but keep them away from Sparkle!

Go with what suits you best.

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Way back. I forgot to mention this:

Been way too long away from the Community!

Catching up now.



Hallo Grünhaut, wie haben Sie das auf der Website gemacht, dass das Schauffens in der Mitte beim scrollen immer angezeigt wird? Das möchte ich mit meinem roten Logo auch tun, so dass es in der Menüleiste bleibt www.UR-Kraftquelle.de.

Hey @Therapie thank you for asking! :slight_smile:

The trick is that you take your red logo and group it with another element like a short or widebox. Once grouped you’ll see in the right hand panel that you can select the group to stick to the page top. And from there you can further play with the group’s behaviour with the other elements on your page.

If you want your logo to have the same behaviours across all your pages then don’t forget (while you have your group selected) to go to your Arrange Tab and then select Show on all pages.

Good luck! :slight_smile: