Edit Button in colours dissappears

Ciao ragazzi,
after some upgrading, i have now 4.0.7 Pro, the button to edit the colour in the colour box disappears.

The problem is
i have created a special colour for all backgrounds and also some fonts,
they all are now also gone.

How can i reactivate the EDIT BUTTON or find my old colour ?

Xxiao Armin

I’m sorry but which button?

Hi Duncan
thanks for your fast reply

this is what I have, you see also that the special colour dissappears (pattern):

and her you see the button (EDIT), what I had in former times, similar to the manual:



Confusion recognized and understood. The German documentation is a bit behind in the version number.

This “Edit” button no longer exists. It would have only shown you the extended window you have now anyway.

You have set some colors to transparent and since these are synchronized within the project, they are now gone.

Do you have a backup of the project? Then import that and it should restore the colors - i assume.

If not, and you have already published the pages, then search the source code (online) for the HEX code of the background color. You can then reassign it to a specific color field.

Good luck.

Mr. F.



i have opened an older version of my project.
There is the old colour available, also in the window (without EDIT button)

After closing and reopening the actual data the same problem.
The transparent colour is on the place of the old one
=> no restore

I didn´t have published it,
I´m at the beginning

What do I have to do to get the old one ?
Wait for the German Update ??
rob it from the surface of the old version , but without edit button you
don`t have no more the possibility …



i have found the tool to rob a colour of an existing surface

problem solved


@duncan i would like to make a suggestion,
regarding the color menu window,
why not add a color picker tool? (see mock-up below)


@wolfferine, Just for the recoded there is a colour picker but your suggestion would make things far more obvious! :slight_smile:

If you go to the coloured rectangle and click onto that the colour picker function will appear.

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Hi @FlaminFig

I knew i saw the dropper (pipette) somewhere :face_with_peeking_eye:

Mr. F.


Thanks mates!
and once more @FlaminFig & @Mr_Fozzie you are right!
(btw - i create a new screenshot - to make easy for other ppl to see the “how to”)