Edit pages already created in the past

Sparkle doesn’t allow me to modify pages that I’ve already create some time ago. In particular, if the page has some text but I would like to write something more, the added part of the text is cut because, although I change the length of the page, it remains unchanged.
Moreover, it does not move or copy certain items. It all remains as it was created the first time.
I can just change some words, nothing more.
There is a block, somehow? How can I behave?
Many thanks in advance.

@Diana, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Ok, that sounds a strange one so I think the best man for the job is @duncan… He might want to see your Sparkle file?

In the meantime could you take a screenshot and post it here to see what you mentioned visually?

Hi @Diana, sorry not really sure by your description. There’s nothing in Sparkle preventing changes.

Could you pick one of the issues you are seeing an elaborate on it, perhaps show screenshots?

Thank you @greenskin!
I’m attaching here 4 photos for 2 different problems.

  1. The first one happens in the home page where I changed the order of two groups of items but in the preview the order remains as the older version (file attached “Sparkle app 1” vs “Sparkle preview 1”)

  2. The second problem happens in a normal page where I copied a group of items but the copy is not visible in the preview, as if I had not done it (file attached “Sparkle app 2” vs “Sparkle preview 2”)

Hello @duncan, as a new user I can only upload one attachment…
In the screenshot you will see on the left side the Sparkle app and on the right side the preview on Safari. You can see that the elements are not in the same order, the preview remains as it was before the edit.

That difference might arise when you uncheck the “preview current device only” checkbox in the device settings, in a multi-device project. Otherwise it… doesn’t happen.

It works! Thank you very much @duncan!