Editing text in text box when it is under another layer

I have several text boxes, which are overlaid with images and buttons. On the rendered webpage, you can simply click on a text box to take you to somewhere else on the website.
However, I’m having an issue with editing the text within these boxes.
The button needs to lay on top of the text box, and the photo, and so represents the top layer under which lies the text, and finally the photo. Whilst I can select the text box using the layers panel, I’m struggling to then edit the text.
Can anyone advise please have an easy way to do this?

Hi, you need to use the layers view. Then you can see all the elements on a page. Just click the item in the layers view to select it.

For example:

Click on layers:

Hope this helps,


Thanks Steve

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to help. When I select the text box in the layers view, the 4 corners of the text box are highlighted. However when I try and click the text in the box to edit it, the overlaying button becomes selected instead. Hence my frustration at trying to edit the text

I’ve run into that issue as well. What I end up doing is making sure the text box is slightly larger than other layer. That way you can click on it and make it available for editing. It seems like a pain, however that is what even happens in other programs that have layers.


Duncan, is there a way to do this more easily, or can it be added to the wish list please?
Perhaps in the layers panel, when a text box is selected, a little edit button allows easy access to the text within?

What’s the case where something containing text is under something else? A button wouldn’t be clickable if it had other items over it, a text box wouldn’t be readable…

@vk2003 To be able to edit the text, it is best to place it in the Layers View under the button. When you have finished adjusting the text, place it back above the button: https://vimeo.com/734731419