Element alignment


As a Sparkle user, I’d like the ability to align multiple elements at once either by their top, bottom, left side, right side, horizontal center point, or vertical center point so I can reduce the time it takes to align multiple elements.

Currently, Sparkle offers snapping. However, it requires one element to be in the right place and moving others. I can anchor the first item, then snap the other items. Or, I can note the pixel location of the anchored item and enter the appropriate value to move the other items.

What I am seeking is the ability to select multiple items followed by instructing Sparkle to align them all at once along the paths identified above.

Thank you for considering.

Look here: The User Interface | Sparkle Documentation

(5) does not do what you want?

Mr. F.

DUH! It does. You know, I’ve been a Sparkle user for a while now and I must have been desensitized to that part of the UI as I never saw it. I search the Community and found nada so I assumed the functionality was not there.

Thank you for pointing it out.

My apologies.