Element/object naming

I think Sparkle would greatly benefit from the ability to name elements in a design - and be able to select by name and portion of a name. Right now its very hard to figure out what you’re selecting when several elements are overlapping.

For example, if I have three boxes overlapping, the right-click menu shows ‘box’, ‘box’, ‘box’ as options to select - rather impossible to tell what I need. I’d rather be able to name objects to make this easier.

Also in terms of copying styles, it would be nice to be able to select all objects on a page or site wide that match a name wildcard…say “separatorline*” and sparkle selects all objects that begin with that string… then simply paste style to selected as usual.

Mind you, I’m not a Sparkle guru, and if this functionality already exists, please point it out.


I understand the problem. How do you envision selecting multiple elements by name?

I’m thinking a search bar… with a filter to limit by object type, section, page or the whole site. Blender, the open source 3D software has implemented something similar, and its invaluable. Given the number of objects/elements a Sparkle site will accumulate over the course of its design, I think something like this would significantly aid in managing them all.

I suppose the results of the search would have to be listed somehow, given that not all will be on-screen at the time of the search… perhaps a panel with the query results, and the desired objects can be pick selected…

Just spitballing :wink:

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