Elements are not copying properly across devices

Working across devices is becoming very frustrating. I have a layout on the Desktop device that includes a series of boxes, and images and some type. For some reason, not all of the boxes show up on the Tablet version. All I did was copy and paste so the settings SHOULD all be the same. The boxes that DO show up on the Tablet device are not sized or positioned properly. This is becoming very annoying and time consuming. I bought this program for the easibility of making a responsive site - unlike Adobe Muse - yet the process is very cumbersome. Any insight into what the issue might be? If it’s a simple solution, it’s not very obvious.


Big mistake!. All elements from a desktop page are already on a mobile page. But they may overlay each other. The size is way smaller. Please watch this video:

Mr. F.


Also, besides what Mr. F already said, it’s important in the long term to name all the layers properly for easy recognition in the future. It will help you a lot along the way.