Elements - Hide/Show option (request)

I would love to have the option to hide/show an element (or group) on the canvas

Suggest when hiding an element to just show a placeholder as shown on the next picture

I would find this handy, specially when having some kinda scrolling animation
(like a header)

if you’ve set up the layer as “show on this device” off you can just hit the eye icon here

but you have to remember to enable it again before publishing

Obrigado Matheus,

Unfortunately that’s not the same what i want. I would like the feature so i can just to see the impact
an element, elements,group or groups on the canvas.
For example if you apply some kinda of vertical animation, at some point i would like to be
able to hide it, so i can see the (for me) main elements of my page.

Hopefully i made a little more clear what the goal is of the requested feature

@duncan any comment?