Email button does not work on mobile


I created just a standard email button to open emailer.
It works on laptop but not on on my iphones.

In preview mode it does work.


Many thanks!

Could you elaborate on how it doesn’t work on iPhones? What do you see?

If you see nothing at all it might be that you cancelled opening the email one time too many and iOS decided it shouldn’t allow the site.

Thank you for quick response.
When I click the email button nothing happens. The button changes into activated status but nothing else happens.
I have tried it on 3 iphones, one was a early ios 13.
I have also cleared the Safari history and website data.
Many thanks,

What’s the page address where the button is?

Hi Duncan,

Here’s the address:

I have all the different mobile resolutions and the normal laptop layouts activated. Just thinking if this has something to do with this as the the email button works on laptop.

The page has an autoplay looped video so the loading time is quite long even when I have compressed the video as much as I can.

As far as I understand there is no way to to get the page appear as it’s loading and having the video load last?

Thank you, is an iframe wrapper for (domain registrars sometimes call it “redirection”).

This is bad for load performance, SEO and responsive behavior. Additionally it looks like iOS also doesn’t like opening email links in an iframe. If you open the real address you’ll see that the button works fine.

So the solution is clearly to fix the domain setup.