Email via web server

I am having a problem with a contact form not being received at the designated address.
The Thank you page gets displayed but the contents of the form are never received.
In trying to determine what the problem is I need to know what Sparkle expects on the server.
I have sendmail installed but I know there are other mail MTA’s.

On many web hosts email is configured and works properly. Sparkle uses the built-in PHP mail feature. How that’s configured is frankly beyond the scope of Sparkle.

Another option is to configure Sparkle to use a custom SMTP server, which will not use the local email facility.

I suggest going through the troubleshooting steps here, and coming back with your findings:

Duncan, I wonder if it might be useful to devote a category here to Sparkle documentation? Encourage reading the docs plus allow for questions to clear up any confusion that remains?

That’s a fair point, but documentation is in a way failure of the app. Sparkle users in general shouldn’t be concerned about the complexities of email setup, and in fact for the most part this is not a problem. We very rarely get this kind of question in email. We also have plans to further address this.

I wasn’t thinking of any particular issue. Most everything is pretty intuitive in Sparkle. Was thinking more along the lines of things you can do in Sparkle and best practices for doing so. Updates add features, change some things, and it is easy to not even be aware of a feature.

I think that’s a good point.

It seems to me that users come here (to the forum) first, before they read the documentation.

And I must say, I already learnt some great and cool tips from other users here!
Thanks to all who join the conversation and contribute.

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That’s all I wanted to know; that Sparkle uses the PHP mail feature.

I cant get it to work via web server.

I also cant manual configure it because there are no settings for SSL. Is that coming soon. Any 3rd party solution like google docs?

Some web hosts block all email or have specific settings. Which is your web host?

TLS is implied with some port settings.

Google is the email host

In some instances web hosts firewall/block the connections, and require email to be routed through their own mail servers, so the email host is irrelevant, as no mail host can be reached.

What’s the web host?