Embed HTML preview issue with MINDBODY

I have inserted some Mindbody, Branded Web Tools Buy buttons into a page with the Embed feature.

The previews do not show the embedded item and at times I find it very hard to select any of the embedded elements.

The Buy buttons contain a 120px x 36px image, but when I set the Embed item to the same size it defaults to 17px high.

Is this a bug or expected behaviour?

Screenshot attached.

Unfortunately embedded content is hit or miss. Embedded content generally should take care of setting up its own font, size, etc. Most embed code does, it appears it might not be the case here. But again I can’t really help without more details about the problem. Never heard of that particular button set.

Thanks for your reply Duncan,

MIndbody Branded Web Tools allows integration of MINDBODY Online features into a website, so the user is not taken from the site when looking at class schedules, signing in or buying services.

It once used to be called Healcode, until Mindbody Inc. brought them out.

Here’s the website, works fine live, just fiddly working on the embed items: https://www.yogatree.com.au/buy-classes.html