Embed picture in popup

What is the best way to import a picture into a popup?

On a line of jewelry, I make a popup and have to close the new popup and copy the picture, then re-open the same popup and paste. Been working just fine, no problem.
I believe my html folder is larger using this technique; copy / paste.
The pasted picture into the popup box is a copy. Thus, maybe doubling my folder size.

I have tried to link the image in the “Layers” view to the popup in different ways but nothing works.
I am pretty sure there is a simple method of doing this.

Thank you for your time.

Sorry I’m not quite sure what you are asking.

Sparkle will produce a single copy of the image in the export if the image is exactly identical. Otherwise it’s going to be multiple images. What you do in Sparkle doesn’t change that.

Copy/pasting the image is correct.

That is great, thank you Duncan.