Embedded Power Point?

Is there a way to put a power point presentation on my Sparkle site so that it works?

Hi, You can export the PPT file as a .gif and than you can put it in an image box on the Sparkle canvas.

Thanks, but won’t that just be a picture? I would like for a teacher to be able to show the whole presentation, with the animations and clicking to advance the slides. Would your idea allow that?

Yes, it can be put into a picture box like jpg or png. But than it runs like a video. Sorry, do not know how to control it like a PPT Präsentation.

I’m not familiar with powerpoint. Keynote can export as html, and it produces a standalone micro-site. You can conceivably place that on your web host, and then enter its address in a Sparkle embed box.

@duncan Never thought about exporting a keynote file as a html and putting it in a box. Does it work with its animations and fonts too?

That’s up to keynote. I have never used the feature beyond the basics.

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