Embedded Videos

Hello everybody.
In a site that I am building with Sparkle version 3.1.1, I have embedded, in 3 different pages, 3 videos with music. They are mp4 files. For each of them I have flagged “auto play”; “loop”. “Mute” was not flagged. I ask for the preview and all the videos start but none of them let me listen to the audio. Can anyone kindly explain to me why? Thank you so much in advance.

Could you please post your website URL. That would help for starters.

Some browsers may block sound reproducing and auto-play, not only for yourself but for visitors.


Yes, I knew it. The point is that using the same process on the page, with the same file, in older versions of Sparkle it worked perfectly.

It’s not a Sparkle issue. It’s a browser issue. Some older browsers did still allow autoplay, or you can set your browser to allow autoplay on your own device, but in general browsers will block it, so Sparkle mutes videos set to autoplay, to ensure the playback will work.

Grazie infinite per la risposta Duncan.