Embedding HTML 5 animations

Hi, I’m a newcomer and I’m working on my first website with Sparkle.

I’m an illustrator and animator. I currently use Hype Tumult to make HTML 5 animations that I embed in websites. I have worked with Joomla, WordPress and Mobirise. But I don’t like working so constrained and dependent on plugins, builders and third party updates, so looking for more creative freedom and control I landed here.

On the current website I have integrated an animation of the company logo that is hosted on my ftp. I have activated the privacy page on the website and I find that the animation does not load until the cookies banner is accepted or denied, leaving a void in the centre of the page.

Is there another way to insert the animation to bypass the cookie banner?
In Hype I can also export the animation as an OAM widget but I don’t know if it’s better, worse or if Sparkle supports it.

I appreciate any help that sheds light on this issue.

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Hi @Saeta, if you have integrated the Hype animation via Sparkle’s embed element, you can turn off the “activate after consent” checkbox in the embed as the animation is loaded from your server so it has no privacy implications.


Thank you very much for your quick reply, @duncan .
It was indeed through the code insertion element, but I didn’t see that checkbox. I’m going to try it

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