encode directly in html

I am considering using Sparkle but one question:
If we want, can we encode directly in html? with an editor? In short, can we have access to the HTML of the page that the software generates?

No, you don’t put hands inside Sparkle’s bonnet. You can possibly edit the html code, but only when you have exported the page from Sparkle. Eventually, you can insert pieces of code into Sparkle using the HTML tool. In any case, the software is web design oriented and minimises any programming actions by the user. This gives the user the possibility to concentrate exclusively on the design without worrying about programming anything. At the same time, you cannot achieve the levels of customisation that you would have if you did everything by hand…


Hi @Kriskinou,

Sparkle doesn’t work with HTML internally. There’s no hidden HTML to edit. On the other hand the generated HTML is no longer usable directly by Sparkle, can’t be round-tripped back into Sparkle (because Sparkle doesn’t use HTML as it’s data model).

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While there’s much that can be done by an expert web developer, you’re kind of understating the years of experience and hair pulling required to make a website that is well designed, responsive, high performance, compatible across browsers, etc.

That’s so much of a problem, most (I’d estimate 99%) of the sites on the web use a pre-built template or a component-based framework.

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Absolutely agree with you