End of page gap


I am often seeing a large gap between the elements I repeat at the bottom of a page and any non-repeating elements just above them.

Not thinking too much of it in the beginning, I simply dragged the bottom edge of the page up to where I wanted it, saved it, and went on my merry way. I now go through all my pages (two dozen and growing) to remove the gap - even if I never made a change to that page. And yes, the gap appears in the published version.

I have not found any pattern to the circumstances that create this issue.

Is anyone else experiencing this? (I did notice a similar situation noted in the Community. However, it was limited to the Index page. My issue is ALL pages - even those generated by Sparkle (e.g. Index pages).

Sorry without more information and screenshot(s) I would be guessing at this…

The one thing I can ask is have you grouped your footer elements?
Have you got the grouped footer “follow footer”?
Are you showing the grouped footer “Show on all pages”?

And then you also haven’t mentioned if you have added “Devices”…

First off @greenskin, thanks for your time. To answer questions, Yes, yes, and yes.

  • There are three elements. A simple text box, a Twitter based embedded element, and a search box. All grouped as a narrow horizontal row.

  • The “follow footer” check box is checked for the group.

  • The “Show on all pages” is checked for the group.

Re: screenshot - The gap is so large that I can’t capture a screen shot showing elements at the start of the gap to the footer elements in a single picture. You could go to DecarbToday.com and see the gap on the home page.

Re: more info - what more can I provide that would help you help me? Screenshots of certain attribute panes? I was thinking of blowing past the problem by trying “Fix to browser bottom” if I could not come up with a resolution.

Remove that embed html element and try reload your page.

@DaverD, So having a quick look it looks like you have this issue mainly on your tablet device and on a couple of pages on your mobile device. Plus please take a look at you mobile device because everything looks way to small to interact with.

In you tablet and mobile device just activate “Show elements not visible in this device” to see if any invisible elements is pushing out your footer that far down the page…

I confirm the same issue. the footers move around without any apparent logic.
-follow footer
-Show on all page
-On the three devices …
as soon as certain modifications are made…but impossible to find which ones
Grrrrr !! :slight_smile:

The older issues referenced are bugs that have since been fixed.

As of 3.1.2 we are not aware of any bug in this area, so the behavior is most likely deterministic and explainable by the project setup.

Happy to look at specific instances and explain it.

Please send the project file to feedback@sparkleapp.com and we’ll get back to you with the explanation.