Error after updating PHP

My hots provider wants me to update the PHP to 8.1 which I did but I am getting the error 403 forbidden. Also when I go back to version 8.0
Is there something that needs to be updated?


Disable extensions: A reason for the status code could be the extensions of your browser, for example an ad blocker or a proxy plug-in. So disable all extensions and then try to load the website again.

Clear cache: Another way to bypass the error is to clear cache. This caches information so that the website loads faster. However, invalid information may also be stored in the cache, causing the 403 error.

If that doesn’t help, call your hosting if they changed something but Error 403 (google it) is mostly from user/client/browser side, they say.

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Sparkle will work with both 8.0 and 8.1, so the error is unlikely to be about the PHP version. Could you share the website address (either here or privately to so we can look into it?